Sunday, November 25, 2007

Shirtless Lifestyle

Hi, im Mike, im 23, I like to go shirtless on a regular basis. I have enjoyed doing this since ive been in my teens. I enjoy running shirtless, shopping shirtless, riding the bus shirtless, going to and from school shirtless and just doing anything and everything shirtless that I can get away with. I have made it part of my lifestyle. I live in a rather conservative neighborhood so ive gotten mixed reactions to my lack of shirt but I still enjoy doing it anyways. I plan to put more of my shirtless activities in my blog in the future. Feel free to read this blog and comment on it. If anybody wants to contact me about it further, email me at

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Masculine_Soul said...

hey mike, I have just started a new blog called The Soul of Masculinity, check it out.
I would like you to join and share your experience with others, so the the shirtless lifestyle becomes the norm.

Thanks bro